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A TOP-TIER Public Finance Investment Banking Analyst Job Description Template

I often come across candidates in the industry who simply don't know what I'm looking for in a Top Tier Public Finance Investment Banking Analyst. So, here ya go! A generic template you can look over to see if this is indeed a career you might enjoy! If so - send me your resume confidentially at and we can see if I agree. I'll certainly always try to help - but as much as I'd love to help everyone, I only have job orders for truly exceptional candidates who LOVE the municipal marketplace and live and breathe numbers and quantitative analytics. Hopefully, that is you!


Knowledge of: Fundamental Financial Concepts, Securities Industry Practices and Procedures, Fixed Income Regulatory Requirements, Fixed Income Transactions and Client Relationships.

Potential duties may include all - or much of the following: General Support to Senior Leadership and Bankers, Respond to 'Requests For Proposals (RFPs), Create Marketing and Sales Materials, Prepare Distribution Lists, Develop Financial Models, Prepare Event Schedule Lists, Maintain Databases and Deal Lists, Prepare Case Studies of Completed Transactions, Prepare Client Pitch Books, Research Projects and Compile Market Data Reports, Attend Client Meetings and Conferences, Schedule Calls and Meetings, Maintain Physical and Digital Files, Critically Read and Analyze Legal Documents, Update and Enter Info into Software Systems, Analyze Financial Statements and Build Models, Analyze Client Capital Structure including Debt Capacity and Credit Profiles, Evaluate Underwriting and Cash Flow Projections, Provide Credit Rating Recommendations for Projects, Review Audits, Review Operating Budgets, Review Insurance Certifications, Identify Potential Financing Opportunities, Create Spreadsheets and Summaries, Monitor Existing Debt Obligations, Evaluate New Tax-Exempt Transaction Issues, Perform Company Valuations and Create Reports.

General qualifications may include: BS or BA Degree, Master's Degree / or MBA, Degree in Finance or Accounting, Degree in Business or Public Policy. Candidates typically have achieved and maintained an overall GPA of 3.4 or higher.

Leadership skills typically needed include: Experience Successfully Prioritizing Competing Priorities, a Track Record of Managing Multiple Deadlines and a Heavy Volume of Work, the Ability to Work both Independently and Collaboratively, Confidence Presenting Oral Presentations, Exceptional Attention to Detail, Team and Project Management Experience, the Ability to fairly delegate responsibilities and tasks, the capacity to train other analysts, highly-operational interpersonal skills and general sales charisma.

Technical skills needed include: Microsoft Suite (Excel/Word/Powerpoint), Munex or DBC.

A potential analyst usually excels in: Quantitative Financial Analysis, Data Modeling, Logic, Reasoning, Statistics, Advanced Mathematics.

Industry licensing requirements: FINRA Licenses 7 and 63

--- I hope that helps!

See ya round on Linkedin or at a BondBuyer conference soon!

I sincerely wish you all the best! --- Erin Baggott

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