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Erin Baggott

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  • CMO

  • Executive Search Consultant

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As the successor and driving force behind Executive Search Placements (ESP), Erin Baggott brings a fresh perspective and dynamic approach to the public finance investment banking industry. With a strong foundation built on a family legacy of excellence, Erin is dedicated to taking ESP to new heights and ensuring its continued success.

With a solid background in recruiting and a deep understanding of the industry, Erin's role at ESP extends beyond traditional recruitment. She focuses on strategic initiatives, building the company's brand, and expanding its reach. She is actively involved in creating comprehensive training manuals for new recruiters, developing online courses, and implementing modern marketing strategies to attract top talent and engage with clients.

Erin is also a sought-after public speaker and teacher, leveraging her expertise to educate others about the nuances of the public finance investment banking industry and the art of successful recruitment. Her passion for teaching and sharing knowledge allows her to empower both candidates and clients with valuable insights and resources.

While her responsibilities have evolved, Erin still actively participates in candidate recruitment, particularly during busy periods. Her keen eye for identifying talent and understanding client needs enables her to make strategic connections and facilitate successful placements.

In her quest to ensure a seamless transition and allow her father, Richard, to relax and enjoy more leisure time with her mother, Erin has taken on the role of shaping ESP's image and future. Her commitment to upholding the company's values and her relentless pursuit of excellence make her a trusted leader and an invaluable asset to the ESP team.

With Erin at the helm, Executive Search Placements continues to flourish as a reputable and forward-thinking firm, dedicated to connecting exceptional professionals with prominent opportunities in the public finance investment banking industry.

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