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Here are a couple answers to our most frequently asked questions:

Q. How do I submit my resume? 

Please email your resume to or contact one of our recruiters directly. It is important to know that your resume will go nowhere without your permission. Confidentiality is our highest priority! 


Q. Once I send my resume, what happens to it? 

A.  Once it is received,  it will be added to ESP's proprietary database. Having an up-to-date resume in this system will help our recruiters know when to call you with opportunities for which you may be qualified. 

Q. What job openings are available?

A. Our job orders can change week to week. We share our job openings only with candidates who are qualified for the position so please remember to keep our office updated with your most current resume; it is the best way to be kept informed about other opportunities for which you may be qualified for even if you are currently happy where you are at. 


Q. What kind of positions do you specialize in? 

A. We typically work on exclusive opportunities within the Public Finance Investment Banking sector. Due to the nature of our business though, we also fill positions for bond attorneys, institutional salespeople, and credit analysts in addition to several others. 


Q. What does it mean if I don't hear back from a recruiter?

A. While we endeavor to reply to every resume and inquiry, in this day of online communication it can be difficult to reply to all incoming messages via email/linkedin/voicemail/etc. If we have a way that we can be of service to you immediately, we will certainly make every effort to connect. If we don't have anything ideal for you at the moment, your information will be stored so that we know how to reach out to you in the future when something comes along for which you might be a perfect fit! 

Q. Can I hire ESP to fill my firm's HR needs? 

A. Absolutely! Please contact Richard Baggott directly for more information on our guarantee, fee, and potential candidates.


Q. How much $ are my peers making? 

A. This is one of our most popular questions and we track national and regional averages closely. Please update your information in our database and Erin Rose Baggott will reach out to you to discuss the details of this question in greater detail. 

Q. Should I send my resume to other recruiters?

A. The public finance arena is so small that the recruiters call the same Hiring Authorities. If a Hiring Authority receives the same resume from more than one recruiter they may be hesitant to interview that Candidate out of fear that they would have to pay a fee to two or more recruiters. It's best to work with only one recruiter. Use a recruiter that has been at his current firm for at least five or six years, which shows success and stability on their part. Your recruiter should promise to send your resume to a Hiring Authority only with your permission. Beware, some recruiters may get your resume and send it out without your consent. This type of distribution can make you look desperate and weaken your bargaining position.


If you do not hear back from us, please do not hesitate to call us directly (720)406-7499.

We all get busy sometimes but we are here to help you.

Please let us know when we do not deliver on this communication promise. 

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