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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I submit my resume?

A: To submit your resume, please email it to or get in touch with one of our recruiters directly. We want to assure you that your resume will never be shared without your permission. At Executive Search Placements, we prioritize confidentiality and respect your privacy.

Q. Once I send my resume, what happens to it?

A: Once we receive your resume, it will be added to ESP's proprietary database. Having an up-to-date resume in our system enables our recruiters to identify opportunities that match your qualifications. Rest assured that your resume will be handled with care and used solely for recruitment purposes.

Q. What job openings are available?

A: Our job orders can vary from week to week. We only share our job openings with candidates who meet the qualifications for each position. To stay informed about potential opportunities, please ensure that you keep our office updated with your most current resume. This way, we can notify you when relevant positions arise, even if you're currently satisfied with your current employment.


Q. What kind of positions do you specialize in?

A: While our primary focus lies within the Public Finance Investment Banking sector, we also specialize in other roles such as bond attorneys, institutional salespeople, credit analysts, and more. Our expertise allows us to cater to a range of positions within the finance industry.


Q. What does it mean if I don't hear back from a recruiter?

A: We strive to respond to every resume and inquiry we receive. However, due to the volume of communication, we receive via email, LinkedIn, voicemail, and other channels, it can be challenging to reply to each message individually. If we have an immediate opportunity that matches your profile, we will make every effort to connect with you. If we don't have an ideal position for you at the moment, we will store your information and reach out when a suitable opportunity arises.


Q. Can I hire ESP to fill my firm's HR needs?

A: Absolutely! We offer comprehensive recruitment services to help fill your firm's HR needs. Please contact us directly to discuss your specific requirements, and our team will be glad to assist you.


Q. How much money are my peers making?

A: We understand that salary information is important. At Executive Search Placements, we closely track national and regional salary averages. To provide you with accurate details regarding your peers' earnings, please update your information in our database. Erin Baggott, our specialist in this area, will personally reach out to you to discuss the details in greater depth.


Q. Should I send my resume to other recruiters?

A: In the public finance arena, recruiters often engage with the same Hiring Authorities. If a Hiring Authority receives the same resume from multiple recruiters, it may create hesitation to interview the candidate out of concern for potential fees. It is generally advisable to work exclusively with one recruiter. We recommend choosing a recruiter who has been with their current firm for at least five or six years, as it demonstrates their success and stability. Your recruiter should promise to share your resume with a Hiring Authority only with your explicit consent. Be cautious, as some recruiters may distribute your resume without your permission. This unauthorized distribution can create the impression of desperation and weaken your bargaining position.


Q. Your website collects cookies; what is your Privacy Policy?

A: You can view our Privacy Policy by clicking HERE. It provides detailed information on how we collect, use, and protect your personal data when you interact with our website. We prioritize the privacy and security of your information.

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