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Need to Hire? 

Our proprietary computer database of over 17,000 individuals is updated daily.  Also at our disposal is the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) database of over 676,000 registered securities representatives. These professionals are located all over the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom.  Over the years we have developed a network of many close relationships of people working in all aspects of the industry.  These contacts include managers, bankers, bond attorneys, traders and sales people as well as individuals in the news media, trade associations, and public officials.  When we begin a search, we always start by first reaching out to people we already know and direct referrals within the industry. With so much industry interaction, we are confident that when we introduce a candidate to your firm, they are the best the industry has to offer.


Looking for a new position?

Our list of job openings include both retained searches as well as contingency and unaffiliated openings nationwide. We track opportunities in several sectors of public finance and uniquely specialize in the investment banking industry. While we dominate the sell-side recruiting business, our firm is quickly growing, and we are strategically working with a broader variety of companies as the needs of our clients expand. Whether you are unemployed, job hunting or only curious about hearing when possible positions you may be qualified for become available, send us your resume today. Our CONFIDENTIAL database allows us to reach out to you when an opportunity description meets your unique goals and qualifications. 


Please send your resume to, and we will reach out to you when an opening fits your field of expertise. 


Our fee is paid for by the hiring authority and based upon the candidate's total first year's compensation. All searches require a small non-refundable good-faith deposit that assures both us and the candidates we reach out to that your company is serious about expansion; this also ensures that you have an executive recruiting professional prioritizing your position above any competitive openings and working hard to connect you with a candidate that meets your job requirements. 

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