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Richard Baggott

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With a remarkable career spanning over four decades in the Broker-Dealer community, Richard Baggott is the founder and driving force behind Executive Search Placements (ESP). Since he got into the Public Finance space, Richard has been actively involved in municipal sales, training, management, and executive recruiting, establishing himself as a prominent figure in the public finance investment banking industry.

Renowned for his unparalleled knowledge of public finance, Richard has earned high praise from clients and industry professionals alike. In an independent survey, Richard's clients described him as "tenacious, hardworking, and honest." They consistently recognized his expertise and labeled him the "best" public finance recruiter in the business.

Richard's journey as a search consultant began in 1989 after a successful career as a retail municipal bond salesperson, trainer, manager, and brokerage owner. His clients have consistently appreciated three key qualities: his extensive industry knowledge, his respect for their time, and his vast network nationwide. 

One of Richard's legendary accomplishments, celebrated by one client company, was his recruitment of an entire capital markets group without any word spreading on the street or negative raiding repercussions. The details of this extraordinary feat are a testament to Richard's expertise and discreet approach. 

A graduate of Arizona State University and a Vietnam veteran, Richard typically resides and works near the captivating Rocky Mountains in the sunny state of Colorado - but spends the winter in 'warm in the winter' San Diego.  When he's not focused on connecting talented professionals with exceptional opportunities, Richard enjoys various activities including ballroom dancing with his lovely wife Mary, barbecuing delicious dinners for the family, computer programming, telling his daughter to 'call more people and stop doing so much social media recruiting' (#airecruiters), and studying anthroposophy. 

With his profound knowledge, extensive network, and unwavering dedication, Richard Baggott is a trusted partner in your journey toward achieving professional success in the public finance investment banking industry both for your firm, and your own contribution to the world through this industry's projects, your effort, and reputation. 

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